Huge security exploit in TeamViewer


Hey, if you or anyone you know has TeamViewer (a program that people use to share screens/remote access computers), now would be a great time to uninstall it- or you may face a hacker having full access to your computer, as if they were physically sitting in front of it.

Many, many people using teamviewer have reported breaches, many people have had their passwords stolen and thousands of dollars worth of stuff purchased using their accounts due to this exploit.

The exploit basically allows any hacker to have remote access to your computer, able to do all of the things on your computer you are able to do without any real restrictions. Obviously this is a very, very dangerous security flaw and Teamviewer is denying that the exploit exists, even going so far as blaming users for the issues they are having and reportedly threatening any publishers who post articles about it.

If you don’t have the “always on” feature enabled, you may be safe, but you should uninstall it regardless.

More info here.

TL;DR uninstall teamviewer immediately if it’s on your computer.

Als je TeamViewer op een computer hebt staan: even je aandacht hiervoor. Is vrij serieus, zo lijkt het.

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